Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Blood, Bullet Casing Found in Tim Bosma's Pickup Truck, Murder Trial Told

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Blood, Bullet Casing Found in Tim Bosma's Pickup Truck, Murder Trial Told

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Blood, bullet casing found in Bosma truck


HAMILTON - Family members of Tim Bosma winced and looked away as a police officer told his murder trial the details of a bullet casing and blood she found inside the Hamilton man's pickup truck.

Det. Const. Laura McLellan of Halton Regional Police testified Thursday that she and her team of officers didn't initially see the shell casing because it was lodged somewhere behind the truck's rear seat.

McLellan said it became dislodged as she snapped hundreds of photographs of the truck and the trailer it was found in -- a trailer that was registered to Millardair, an aviation company owned by Dellen Millard -- one of the two accused.

Millard, 30, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 28, from Oakville, Ont., have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in Bosma's death.

Bosma disappeared on the night of May 6, 2013 after taking two strangers on a test drive of a black Dodge Ram pickup truck he was trying to sell. His charred remains were found more than a week later.

McLellan told court she began examining the truck on May 15, 2013, alongside blood spatter specialists from Waterloo Regional Police and scientists from the Centre of Forensic Sciences.

The bullet casing was a bit of a surprise, since earlier photos, which were shown to court, didn't show it.

"Clearly it fell during our photo examination," McLellan said as a magnified photograph of the brass shell casing with the markings "WIN 380 AUTO" flashed on television screens in the Hamilton courthouse.

At that point, Millard looked over at Smich, who was seated next to him, and shook his head. Smich didn't return the look.

"That is a simple piece of brass," McLellan continued, explaining the shell casing to the jury. "It's already been fired, the bullet has been ejected."

After finding the shell, she swabbed the truck for gunshot residue and sent the sample for further analysis.

McLellan told court she found blood throughout Bosma's truck, both inside and out. She sent 64 swabs of blood from the truck and contents of the trailer it was found in for forensic analysis.

She said blood was found on the front passenger side, on the dash, in the cracks of the truck's vinyl and on the ceiling above the driver's side. …

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