Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Don't Forget Who Donald Trump Really Is

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Don't Forget Who Donald Trump Really Is

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Editorial Exchange: Don't forget who Donald Trump really is


An editorial from the Toronto Star, published May 4:

It is a strange political season in which the failure of a Ted Cruz presidential bid inspires not uncomplicated glee, but queasiness. Not out of fondness for Cruz (good riddance to the Tea Party zealot, detested even by fellow Republicans), but out of fear for what his departure means. Donald Trump, barring some unforeseen upheaval, will be the Republican nominee for president.

Let that sink in.

In the wake of Trump's decisive victory in the Indiana Republican primary on Tuesday, both Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich suspended their campaigns. That leaves Trump alone in the race. And the world quivering at the prospects.

In recent weeks, as Trump's victory started to seem inevitable, Republican leaders began warming to the candidate they fought so hard to defeat. And Trump, for his part, has sought to seem more presidential, hiring an adviser to help remould him into something more palatable both to voters and to his party-mates.

These developments must not be allowed to lend the candidate credibility. After all, this is the man the New York Times editorial board has called "the most volatile and least prepared presidential candidate nominated by a major party in modern times." But he's also worse than that.

We need not dig into his business record, littered though it is with failures both corporate and ethical, to find disqualifying details. The last few months alone provide the perfect case.

Trump is nearly indiscriminate in his discrimination.

Muslims? He absurdly promised to ban them from entering the United States, feeding both the fear and hate on which he thrives.

Mexicans? They are criminals and rapists, he said in his first speech as a presidential candidate, "though some, I assume, are good people. …

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