Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Donald Trump: America's Sad Choice

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Donald Trump: America's Sad Choice

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Editorial Exchange: Donald Trump: America's sad choice


An editorial from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, published May 10:

Now we know.

Yes, Donald Trump can win the Republican Party nomination. And he could become president of the United States.

There is little point in debating how he did it, other than to note he broke all the conventional rules of electioneering -- very little on-the-ground organization, coarse language, facile policies, counselling violence, racism, insults, misogyny and lies.

He was not, as he claimed, a self-made man. Instead, in the famous words of Texas Gov. Ann Richards about George H. W. Bush, he was born "with a silver foot in his mouth." And he still won.

The compelling, troubling question is why he won. What darkness has intruded so deeply into the American soul that allows a buffoon like this to get this far?

What is it in the American psyche at this moment that has caused otherwise sensible people to rally behind a person who, at best, is grossly ill-prepared for the job and, at worst, is dangerous?

Trump and all his vices have resonated with millions of Americans. We can wonder about it and criticize it, but we can no longer ignore it.

Something has happened in the lives of Americans that has caused millions to abandon common sense. Something has caused them to momentarily (we hope) unhinge themselves from the virtues and values that have brought so much good to the world over the last century.

Canadians are often self-righteous when it comes to our attitudes toward the magnificently creative, innovative and successful country to our south. We often forget the extent to which American leadership has propelled advances in virtually every dimension of our lives.

The world is today healthier, wealthier, safer and better educated than would have been possible in the absence of American leadership on so many fronts. …

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