Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Meet Some of the Canadians Playing Pokemon Go

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Meet Some of the Canadians Playing Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go players explain the appeal


Canadians are embracing the Pokemon Go craze since the app became available in Canada on Sunday. Here are some avid Pokemon Go players explaining why they're such fans:

Hannah Bennett, 22, in Halifax:

Hannah Bennett has walked 16 kilometres in the last few days, just from playing Pokemon Go. She used a workaround, and downloaded the app before it was officially made available in Canada on Sunday.

"All my friends were already playing, so I was kind of feeling left out," she explained.

And since downloading the game, she's found it's had a pleasant side-effect.

"It's made a huge difference in my mental health and my motivation," she said. She said she has major depressive disorder, and having a reason to get outside has helped a lot.

"It's gotten me out and walking, and by the time I've gotten a lot of exercise, I come home and I'm OK to do dishes and things that would be a lot harder (otherwise)."

Brad Ausrotas, 24, in London, Ont.:

Brad Ausrotas works in the tech industry, at a research park near Western University. He said that since Pokemon Go's launch, he's seen far more people walking around outside than he has in the past.

That's because the research park where he works is incorporated into the game. The building where he works is a gym, where players battle other trainers' Pokemon. The gates at the front of the park are a "pokestop," where players can collect items. And there are Pokemon ripe for the catching all around, he said.

He said it's encouraged him to talk to more people who work near him -- the app acts as an easy conversation-starter.

He added he's been following the augmented reality (AR) scene for a while now. It takes live images of the real world and adds elements to them. In the case of Pokemon Go, the app adds images of Pokemon. …

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