Newspaper article The Canadian Press

In Their Own Words: The Sanders Supporters Who Won't Vote Democrat

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

In Their Own Words: The Sanders Supporters Who Won't Vote Democrat

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In their own words: Sanders supporters


PHILADELPHIA,, Pa. - Diehard Bernie Sanders supporters were protesting Monday outside the Democratic convention, expressing overwhelming opposition to voting for the party -- even if it means electing Donald Trump. Inside the convention, a number booed when their candidate urged them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Their frustrations have been fed by the release of stolen emails that show Democratic party officials favoured Clinton. Here, in their own words, people on the progressive left explain what's going on:

--Lily Raywood, Texas:

"We have a lot more transparency now (thanks to electronic news sources like Wikileaks). But the establishment isn't going to support that transparency, nor is American mainstream media because they are all in collusion with the powers that be... More and more people are now computer savvy, (with) social media... Bernie supporters believe (the nomination) was stolen... (Now) you can't argue there wasn't collusion. The Democratic party was supposed to be fair toward whatever candidates qualified."

On whether she fears Russian state actors might be interfering in the election: "That's so insulting to the American people. Back in the Cold War, maybe, back in the '60s and '70s maybe they could have said something like that... but to say that now, that's just ridiculous. They might as well blame it on Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.''

On whether she's worried Sanders supporters planning to vote for the Green party will end up helping to elect Trump: "No. I'm not responsible for that bullshit. Sorry, I'm not. I think he's making a mockery of our process. I don't even think he's serious about running for president... If that should actually happen I don't even think he'll be in control. He'll just have people for that... We have options here."

--Roberta Cerra, Pennsylvania:

"I'm voting for Bernie Sanders -- even if I have to write him in. Because he's everything that I'm for. Health care for all, against the (Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal), totally against (oil and gas) fracking. …

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