Newspaper article China Post

Doctors Warn of 'Pokemon Go' Medical Risks

Newspaper article China Post

Doctors Warn of 'Pokemon Go' Medical Risks

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Hospitals have reported a significant increase in tendinitis patients following the launch of "Pokemon Go" in Taiwan.

According to local doctors, playing "Pokemon Go" for sustained periods of time can lead to a number of injuries, most notably neck and back stiffness, stenosing tenosynovitis ([...]) and trigger fingers.

The doctors recommended that "Pokemon Go" players take a rest and relax their fingers and neck after playing for more than 30 minutes. If players do not rest, they risk developing degenerative arthritis and intervertebral disc protrusion, doctors said.

Being Smart about Smartphone Use

One patient reported a sore neck and back and the inability to move his fingers. The patient's doctor found that the man was a heavy smartphone user. The stress on his neck and fingers from sustained smartphone use led to stenosing tenosynovitis, doctors said.

Wan Fang Hospital ([...]) rehabilitation division Dr. Cheng Yu-hsuan ([. …

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