Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Prairie Update-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Prairie Update-

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(Judge-Reviewed) (Alta Note)

An Alberta judge says he's quitting the bench and is apologizing for comments he made to a complainant in a sexual assault trial after being rebuked by the body that oversees the Canadian judiciary.

Justice Robin Camp said in a statement that he will quit as a member of the Federal Court effective tomorrow.

The Canadian Judicial Council recommended that Camp be removed from the bench after his comments at the 2014 trial, including calling the woman "the accused" and asking why she couldn't keep her knees together.

Camp, who was a provincial court judge at the time, questioned the complainant's morals and suggested her attempts to fight off the accused were feeble. (The Canadian Press)


(Border-Crossers-Pallister) (Mba Note)

Manitoba's premier says he's still waiting to hear back from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after asking for more money to deal with a wave of refugee claimants spilling across the U-S border.

Brian Pallister says he wrote to Trudeau more than a week ago asking for extra funding for housing, health care and language training, and also asked him to raise the issue with U-S President Donald Trump immediately.

More than 200 people have crossed the border from the U-S so far this year, braving the cold and sometimes dangerous weather to get to the town of Emerson, Manitoba.

Pallister says he expects the number of asylum-seekers to grow as warmer weather approaches. (The Canadian Press)


(CRIME-Road-Rage) (Alta Note)

Police say a 28-year-old man faces charges including attempted murder after a woman's arms were broken in an alleged case of road rage in Edmonton.

Investigators say the man followed the woman home and struck her arms with a crowbar after she honked her horn while trying to pass another car that was stopped on a residential street.

Police say the 34-year-old mother was on her way home after dropping her husband off at work when the violent attack happened Tuesday.

Jared Matthew Eliasson is also charged with aggravated assault and possessing an offensive weapon dangerous to public, and is to appear in court on Monday. (The Canadian Press)


(Military-Training-Death) (Sask Note)

The military says a parachute malfunction led to the death of a search-and-rescue technician during a training exercise in Saskatchewan. …

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