Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Euro Fat Cats Living Sumptuous Lifestyle

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Euro Fat Cats Living Sumptuous Lifestyle

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THE Euro elite are claiming that the United Kingdom should pay a Pounds 60bn fine for leaving the European Union. An obvious case of pre-negotiation sabre rattling.

These Euro fat cats are living a cosseted and sumptuous lifestyle partly at the expense of the British taxpayer. It is therefore not surprising that they want to keep dipping their sticky fingers into our purses and wallets.

As a recent Parliamentary Select Committee found there is no legal basis for this absurd demand.

I think the real question is why our government continues to pay anything at all into the EU coffers. The EU has not had its accounts certified by auditors for more than 20 years. If any of our local councillors voted to pay money to bodies with unaudited accounts, they would risk surcharge, barring from public office and prison. The same rules should apply to government ministers who send money to a body that cannot account for its expenditure.

Graham Stringer MP A political wilderness? THE one ray of hope for the Labour Party is that in recent times the polls have been wrong. However, this time I believe they will be fairly accurate.

Labour know that Jeremy Corbyn is not a popular leader and it is difficult to imagine that the majority of people would prefer him as our Prime Minister in comparison with Theresa May.

However, Labour will hope that their policies of supporting the NHS, the poorer members of our society, the homeless and general inequality in our society will be vote winners. In reality I have doubts they will be as crucial as Labour think.

In any election the economy is vitally important because if you ruin the economy then the reality is that there is no money for the NHS and other projects.

People often say things publicly yet privately they vote for other reasons - and that is why the polls are often wrong.

The majority of people concern themselves primarily with themselves and their families Are they happy with their own lifestyles? Do they feel secure in their jobs? I believe that the answers to these questions will decide the fate of this general election.

This time the polls will prove to be right - the Tories will win the general election by a large majority and Labour must heed the warning of our country at large or they will be cast into the political wilderness for a long, long time Harry Singleton, Ashton-Under-Lyne 'Progressive' New Labour? …

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