Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Tory Policy Has Created Homeless Nightmare

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Tory Policy Has Created Homeless Nightmare

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IT would appear that Gerry Diamond lives in a parallel universe. His assertions that Prime Minister Theresa May, and her caring, compassionate Conservative government are helping homeless people really are quite unfounded.

Rather than helping homeless people and families, it is their policies that have created such misery for homeless people.

Homelessness has, official figures reveal, increased by 45 per cent since 2011. The number of food parcels handed out to hungry and penniless families in the past year has risen to three million - 1.8 million from the government's official food parcel diary, and 1.2 million from national charities.

That such a situation exists in one of the richest countries in the world is a disgrace, and we can expect these figures to increase when, unfortunately, May and her Conservatives will be returned to power on June 8. His comments that public services are more efficient being run by the private sector are not correct. If he feels that the private sector involvement is value for money, he should read a book entitled 'Who stole the town hall' by Professor Peter Latham.

The book lists a catalogue of inefficiency and waste by private sector companies who run public services.

The only people who should run public services are the public sector.

Privatisation of public services, is plainly wrong, because in the long run these privatised services cost more money and are run less efficiently than they are under public stewardship.

One last point - Manchester has also been responsible for the privatisation of many of its own services within our city. These privatised services offer less value for money, are run less efficiently and offer less transparency than publicly-owned and run services.

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