Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Elvis, Hens and a Man Grounded by Booze - All in a Day's Work for 'Flying Squad'

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Elvis, Hens and a Man Grounded by Booze - All in a Day's Work for 'Flying Squad'

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"I DIDN'T do anything wrong, I did nothing!" The man shouting and gesturing wildly has just been hauled off a flight bound for Malaga at Manchester Airport.

His speech is slurred - he's drunk after downing pints in a Terminal One bar at 9am.

Shouting belligerently across the aisle before the plane's even left the ground, he's shot himself in the foot. have a zero-tolerance policy.

Airport police officers Pc Dan Piper and Pc Martin Sharrocks explain calmly why he can't fly with the rest of his 20-strong stag group.

Earlier, we had seen the man in the bar. He was egged on by pals as he drained a four-pint pitcher.

Police called by bar staff - it's an airport-wide policy to report such behaviour - had warned him to slow down and enjoy his holiday.

He had ignored them and the effects kicked in properly as he boarded the plane. And now he's been removed from the plane.

Also banned from the return flight, he can't believe it. Head in hands, he pleads with the officers, but to no avail. In the terminal, his mood goes wherever the beer takes him - from outrage to compliance.

Pc Piper and Pc Sharrocks are kind enough to help him find an alternative flight with a different airline in five hours. By 3pm he should have sobered up.

His blood-shot eyes soften, he looks adoringly at the officers and declares them his mates, before wandering off to line his stomach. Passengers like this are in the minority at Manchester Airport.

But our guides for the day say it's a familiar picture, one they see around three times a week - especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Later, we hear a 6.20am Ryanair flight to Palma in Majorca was met by police after three members of a rowdy stag do had a 'brawl' in mid-air.

Pc Piper, 46, from Gatley, Stockport, says: "It tends to start in April and May when all the stags and hens go away before the school holidays.

"The worst incidents we see are when people consume way too much alcohol before flying.

"Sadly it seems to be a regular occurrence now."

Last month, 20 people on stag parties were removed from a Jet2 flight to Prague. …

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