Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Let's Make Ariana an Honorary Mancunian

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Let's Make Ariana an Honorary Mancunian

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I HOPE Andy Burnham will now make Ariana Grande an honorary Manc.

What an amazing performance. She deserves great credit for organising such an inspirational event. Graeme Warner, Whitefield Time to save the country THE vast majority of working class people are suffering under this Tory government.

The Conservatives care not for those who cannot afford to heat their homes adequately, nor care for the plight of citizens left at the mercy of a National Health Service in deep crisis.

Our young people cannot afford to take their place in the housing market for reason of the high cost on mortgage deposits.

Council housing is much in demand, yet the Tories have not built anything like the number required over the past seven years.

Affordable homes are urgently needed now, yet there is nothing on the horizon with Tory policies, except accommodation that is far out of the purse of the ordinary young couple who wish to set-up home. University graduates are left with little prospects of work in the their career of choice; they find themselves some £20/£30k in debt after studying hard for many years, both at school and then in higher education.

The Conservative Party is steadily priming our NHS for 'privatisation', soon 'health insurance policies' will be rolled out with a menu for operations, illnesses and visits to the GP. The costs are horrifying, and like in America, are unaffordable for those with the lowest incomes.

The Tories preside over a current system of low pay and also 'zero hour' contracts.

We need to rid ourselves of modern day slavery and look to Labour policies of full, meaningful employment, where £10 per hour would be paid, and also the repeal of zero hour contracts.

On the agenda also, with Labour returned to power, would be the abolition of the cruel 'bedroom tax' - a penalty imposed on people that has no credible justification.

Only a Labour government can save this country and the majority of its citizens from the ravages of capitalism', implemented by the greed of policies devised by Conservative ministers.

Allan Ainsworth, Didsbury Speed cap for police cars? AFTER watching a news report about the London terror attack, I switched to Police Interceptors, where the first thing I heard was, 'the perk of the job was the company car. …

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