Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Your Civic Duty

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Your Civic Duty

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IGGER isn't always better, especially in today's car world where more from less is the modern mantra.

Bat's why you can now buy a big car with an engine so apparently small and feeble that there's no hint of its size in chrome on the boot lid.

In truth, the clever people buried deep in the car makers' engineering departments have cracked the less-ismore conundrum and given us a new generation of tiny petrol engines that perform like lions.

Most - 70 per cent - of the latest Honda Civic will be sold with an engine that features only three cylinders and displaces a mere one litre.

In compensation, it puts out 127 horsepower and rows the new car along with complete conviction while using, on paper at least, less fuel than either the old 1.4 or 1.8 litre units of the old model.

If you insist on something bigger under the bonnet there's a 1.5 litre petrol engine ready to assist, but it will be a rarer sight on your local dealer's inventory.

Whichever engine you go for (the diesel from the old car arrives later this year), the new Civic, is longer (by 13cms), wider (by 3cms) and lower by 2cms than the outgoing model.

at brings a boot as big, at a cavernous 478 litres, as anything in the sector - Focus and Golf are obvious comparisons - and it can, of course, be made almost van-like by ipping forward the split rear seatback.

You don't need a tape measure to know the latest Civic is larger than before - with much more aggressive lines and big black (fake) air intakes and outlets front and rear it looks larger from a hundred paces.

Lower, though, in a eort to add a sporty touch and a height reduction that means there is no longer room for the fuel tank beneath the front seats and that means farewell to the clever 'magic' rear seat which ipped to let you pack a smallish bicycle behind the driver.

e newly located fuel tank has to go somewhere and now takes up too much room for the magic to persist. …

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