Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Remember Teachings of Gandhi, a Ray of Light

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Remember Teachings of Gandhi, a Ray of Light

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THE response of the people of Manchester to the bombing in the city is to be greatly admired.

Although we may never know for certain all of the factors that drove Salman Abedi to commit his terrible crime, the bombing is a reminder of the terrible violence and loss of life that is taking place daily in many parts of the world, and especially in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

History has sadly been marked by times of violence and loss of life, especially in the 20th century. It was during that period that the example of Mahatma Gandhi shone like a beacon of hope.

Perhaps this is a time to reflect on the principles and values that Gandhi espoused. In April this year, at UCL a conference and exhibition was held that highlighted Gandhian themes and values.

Readers can view the talks at that event via the link at Narinder Kapur Pope visit toilet rolls YOUR nostalgia supplement (M.E.N, June 7), brought back a couple of memories from the 1980s.

The historic visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982, saw 250,000 people crowd into Heaton Park. Special arrangements were required to provide facilities for so many people. My pal worked for the company which had the contract to provide the large number of temporary toilets which were needed. Of course, toilets need toilet rolls and an order was made for thousands of them.

They were specially produced in the papal colours.

However, someone over estimated the quantity required. There were a lot left over and after the event, boxes of them were given away to staff members. For a number of weeks after, folks all over Greater Manchester were using what became known as 'the Pope's toilet rolls.' .

The second memory concerns your item about Spectrum Software, which became Ocean Software, the computer games company which began life in Manchester during 1983.

Nowadays, we are used to computer games on DVDs or even downloaded direct from the internet. When Ocean began, the games were produced on standard cassette tapes.

The printing company I worked for printed the insert sleeves for the cassette cases in their early days, until they were bought by another company. Little did we know how successful this fledgling company would become. …

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