Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

It's Time for Better Service on the Buses

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

It's Time for Better Service on the Buses

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AS SOMEONE who likes to use public transport wherever possible, I am really frustrated and disappointed with the very poor standards of publicity that TfGM makes available. On 23 April, 2017, which is eight weeks ago, there were a large number of changes to many bus services in Greater Manchester.

I wrote at the time to TfGM about the lack of availability of new timetables, both in leaflet form and those posted at bus stops before the changes.

The reply I received did not inspire me with confidence. We had the usual excuses about limitations on budgets and manpower, yet absolutely no recognition of the fact that TfGM has a responsibility to help the travelling public by making sure new publicity is available before changes take place.

That is their job. Now today, eight weeks after the changes, I go on to the TfGM website to look at local South Manchester bus services and surprise, surprise, same old inefficient TfGM, the Manchester South bus map is out of date and still advertising bus services that no longer run.

How on earth can we have such an unprofessional organisation in charge of our public transport? How can the politicians hope to entice people out of their cars and back on public transport if the information available is of such a poor standard and out of date? If it's such a mammoth task to produce publicity for a large number of changes on one date, then why don't the decision-makers stagger the contract changes? TfL, who run a far bigger transport network in London, don't have this problem.

Clearly, we don't have the right people in the job at TfGM to provide the assistance and current information that is required.

I would really like Manchester Evening News to bring pressure to bear on TfGM to get their act together as they really don't take much notice of individuals like me who complain and are fobbed off with implausible and unacceptable excuses.

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