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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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(Military-Ceremony-Incident) (Audio:105)

After issuing an apology for the actions of five men under his command, Rear Admiral John Newton reaffirmed that the men's personal beliefs were not a shared value of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The commander of Canada's East Coast Navy says the five men disrupted a first nations spiritual event in a Halifax park on Canada Day.

The men, identifying themselves as members of the alt-right group The Proud Boys, targeted a ceremony honouring the suffering of indigenous peoples at a statue of Halifax's controversial founder, Edward Cornwallis. (18)



A large group of Muslim visitors to a Quebec zoo has apparently ruffled some feathers.

Parc Safari, located about 70 kilometres south of Montreal, has been on the receiving end of hateful and racist comments after allowing the group to pray on its premises.

In a video posted on YouTube, one woman can be heard shouting -- quote -- "we are too conciliatory," while the group prayed in a fenced off picnic area.

Parc Safari officials say the zoo is a multicultural location and apologized if "freedom of religion" offended anyone. (18)



A prosecutor for the Crown has told a provincial court in Moncton that Mounties responding to a gunman's rampage in 2014 were simply outgunned.

In his closing arguments at the R-C-M-P's Labour Code trial, Paul Adams said that at least some of the deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the officers had the appropriate equipment and training -- specifically, C-8 carbine rifles.

The defence noted that bureaucracy dictates how governments work and adopting patrol carbines for the Mounties took time for a number of reasons. …

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