Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Eleventh NewsWatch-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Eleventh NewsWatch-

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A source tells The Canadian Press that part of the 10.5-million-dollars that Ottawa is going to pay former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr will go to his legal team.

The source also says the official apology Khadr will receive as part of the settlement in his long-running lawsuit will be delivered by the justice and public safety ministers.

Khadr sued the federal government for 20-million-dollars, arguing it violated international law by not protecting its own citizen, and conspired with the U-S in abusing him following his arrest in Afghanistan when he was 15.

Amnesty International calls the settlement long overdue. (11)



A 32-year-old Toronto woman has been charged with terror offences in a golf club attack at a Canadian Tire store.

Rehab Dughmosh originally faced charges including assault with a weapon and uttering death threats in the June 3rd incident.

Police allege she swung the golf club at store employees and a customer, then pulled a large knife from under her clothes before being restrained by staff.

There were reports Dughmosh pledged her allegiance to the Islamic State group during a previous court appearance. (11)



A lawyer representing the R-C-M-P has told a Labour Code trial that the force is not responsible for the 2014 deaths of Constables Fabrice Gevaudan, Dave Ross and Doug Larche.

The R-C-M-P faces four charges related to Justin Bourque's shooting rampage and is accused of failing to provide the appropriate equipment and training in an active-shooter event.

In closing arguments this morning, lawyers for the force told court the R-C-M-P exercised due diligence in arming general duty officers with patrol carbines, and that training for an outdoor active shooter event did not exist in 2014. …

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