Newspaper article The Canadian Press

The Squids Are All Right: "Splatoon" Sequel Brings Ink-Shooting Mayhem to Switch

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

The Squids Are All Right: "Splatoon" Sequel Brings Ink-Shooting Mayhem to Switch

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"Splatoon 2" the next Nintendo Switch hit


TORONTO - When "Splatoon" came out for Nintendo's Wii U two years ago it was judged to be an enjoyable third-person shooter, but what was truly interesting about the game was how it knocked the genre on its head.

Trading paint rollers and ink guns for frag grenades and AK-47s, and featuring cartoony teenaged human-squad hybrid characters, "Splatoon" was a shooter that gamers of all ages could sink their teeth into. But for Nintendo it was more than a kid-friendly "Call of Duty;" the gaming giant had a successful new intellectual property on its hands for the first time in years.

And that IP has now been integrated into Nintendo's strategy for its new gaming system. "Splatoon 2" carries on the paintball-inspired mayhem of the first game and dovetails nicely into the company's plan to regularly release original titles from its tentpole franchises to support the hybrid console/portable Switch.

While "Splatoon 2" doesn't offer any major innovations over its predecessor, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Wii U was a disappointing seller, so the new title for the Switch will reach gamers who missed "Splatoon" the first time around. And the game remains fast-paced and fun, with a surprisingly enjoyable single-player campaign to go along with the multiplayer maps.

The main attraction of "Splatoon 2" is undoubtedly the multiplayer. Players will start by engaging their avatars, called "inklings," in four-on-four "turf war" maps, where the goal is to cover more of the playing field with your team's ink colour while preventing your enemies from doing the same. You will start off with a simple ink gun before getting access to paint rollers -- good for inking up large swaths of the playing field -- long-range rifles and dual pistols.

You can turn from a hip teenager to a small squid at the press of a button. Squids are great for swimming through areas of friendly ink, allowing you to get around quickly and get the drop on unsuspecting foes. Watch out for enemy ink, which will slow your squid down.

The "turf war" levels can be as much skate park as battleground, with ramps to launch off and rails to grind as you race around trying to meet your team's objective. …

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