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Summer Blockbusters

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Summer Blockbusters

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T'S the magical month of August when there's no school, driving to work takes half the time and the sun is almost shining.

IAnd a new month means new games, and there's some great ones hitting the consoles over the next five weeks.

There's a re-release of the superb 'shmup' Sine Mora, Uncharted fans can embark on a new adventure with a new hero in The Lost Legacy, Formula One fans get gritty racing action with F1 2017; and everyone's favourite mustachioed plumber Mario sees out the month on Switch.

Sine Mora EX PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, SWITCH RELEASE: AUGUST 8 SINE Mora became an instant hit with shoot 'em up fans when it debuted in 2012.

Gorgeous diesel punk graphics combined with challenging gameplay and side scrolling action to create something rather special.

Originally an Xbox Live Arcade/ PSN release, Sine Mora EX updates and extends the fun for the newer consoles. EX features two player co-op, three new versus modes: Dodgeball, Tanks and Race, new standalone challenge levels and improved rendering so PS4 Pro and PC players can run the game in 4K.

Add to all of this the fact that it costs just £14.99 on the PS4/XBOX ONE and £7.99 on the PC, and you have a must buy bargain.

AGENTS OF MAYHEM PS4, XBOX ONE, PC RELEASE: AUGUST 18 ALTHOUGH it's set in the Saints Row fictional universe, Agents of Mayhem is supposed to be a clean break from the series.

The action takes place in a futuristic version of Seoul, and sees 12 agents fighting to bring down L.E.G.I.O.N, a supervillain corporation hell bent on destroying the world's nations.

Each agent has their own special 'mayhem' skill, one can trigger spontaneous explosions, another controls drones to stun bad guys, while another can drop a boombox that makes everyone start dancing...

As you'd expect from the makers of Saints Row, this game is crammed with over-the-top, open-world thirdperson shooter action and overflowing with goofy jokes - it sounds ridiculously good fun.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PS4 RELEASE: AUGUST 23 MOVE over Lara Croft, you're about to get some serious competition.

The Lost Legacy is the first standalone adventure for Chloe Frazer, who first appeared in the series as a rival adventurer and love interest to Nathan Drake. …

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