Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

It's Criminal That Police 101 Number Doesn't Work

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

It's Criminal That Police 101 Number Doesn't Work

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TO Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and Chief Constable Ian Hopkins.

We are constantly told to ring 101 to contact the police.

Well, this is on behalf of all the frustrated members of the public who have tried to contact the police by using this number this week only to have been cut off once I was asked which force I required.

This system of contacting the force is not working and needs to be urgently addressed if you do want to know about crimes.

It has been mentioned to many senior officers at meetings who just reply that they know it does not work. Well, sort it out.

Concerned resident, Manchester Council drive to stop cars IS there any way at all to find out the decision-making process behind the slow strangulation of car traffic in the city centre (bus and taxi only lanes, and now 'bus gates')? The city's elected and taxpayerfunded representatives once lost a congestion charge referendum, sending a clear message that we do not want to pay a financial price for driving in the city.

Manchester city council was clearly not happy with the result, and has since by stealth strangled car traffic in and around the city centre. In other words, they have ignored a democratic referendum result and are going ahead anyway with their plans to make it increasingly difficult to drive there (and increase their revenue from bus lane fines).

It may well be that it is a desirable aim to make it more difficult for cars to access the centre. However, I - and other citizens - would like a say on it, if MCC doesn't mind.

Why does this matter? The current situation is a nightmare. Most major thoroughfares are now entirely closed to cars or suddenly come to a halt and vehicles are directed down small side streets, resulting in slow moving traffic (i.e. MORE pollution and even hazards - notably the insane traffic flow out of Fountain St across Market St). There are some bizarre traffic flows which lead you round in circles.

Perhaps, more importantly, if there is an aim to banish cars from the centre (under cover of making it appear haphazard rather than a coordinated and long-term strategy), then the top-down process by which these decisions are made is opaque and unaccountable. …

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