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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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(Barcelona-Cda) (Audio: 117)

Prime Minister Trudeau is expressing sadness at the death of a Canadian in the terror attack in Barcelona.

In a statement, Trudeau offered condolences to the family and expressed hope for a speedy recovery for the four Canadians injured.

The identity of the Canadian victim has not been released, nor have any details about those hurt in the attack.

Officials say they're in touch with the families affected. (17)


(Mba-NDP-Leadership) (Audio: 118)

New details are coming to light about the troubled past of a man running for the leadership of Manitoba's New Democrats.

Wab Kinew says he was charged with domestic assault in 2003, but the charge was dropped.

He was also charged with stealing a money order in 2006, but that charge was not proceeded with.

And he says he was given a conditional discharge in 2004 after getting into a fight in Ontario.

Kinew is coming forward after an anonymous email was sent to media this week saying he'd been convicted on the charges. (17)



Breitbart News says Steve Bannon has returned to the website, after leaving his position in the White House.

The far-right outlet says Bannon is back as executive chairman, and he led an editorial meeting this evening.

The now former chief strategist for U-S President Donald Trump left Breitbart a year ago to join the Trump campaign.

He was ousted from the White House today. (17)



Police in Charlottesville say they've added charges against the man accused of driving his car into a group of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally. …

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