Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

'Game of Thrones': 6 Burning Questions We Want Answered in Season 7 Finale

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

'Game of Thrones': 6 Burning Questions We Want Answered in Season 7 Finale

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The season finale of "Game of Thrones" has come with a swiftness - shocking the systems of its fans. How can seven episodes have sped by in a dragon's heartbeat?

The HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novels now is out there on its own, well divergent from the books and in the hands of series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Starting Sunday at 9 p.m., we get the last episode of season seven, with one season more to go.

These questions are for the initiated, but here's a quick setup: A battle is being waged for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, with Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister each claiming the throne. Jon Snow, the ruler in the North, has heralded a more important fight for all involved.

The trailer for the finale shows armies and armadas gathering and a long-awaited reunion of the Lannister siblings - Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion - meeting with Jon Snow. He tells them what he has been saying for several seasons now: "There is only one war that matters." That would be the one against the marching White Walkers, an army of undead that had been kept at bay in the tundra of the far north.

In the penultimate episode, Viserion, one of three fire-breathing dragons that are the children of Daenerys, has been killed and resurrected as a White - Flyer? At any rate, he will be available to the Night King, leader of the White Walkers, while Dany still has two dragons at her beck and call.

With that in mind, here are a half-dozen burning questions that we hope will be answered in Sunday night's episode, which at almost 80 minutes is the longest of the season:

1. Fire can kill a White Walker, so what does that mean for undead dragon Viserion? Will a blue-eyed dragon destroy with ice instead of fire? (Side note: We don't think it will be explained why Jon Snow & Co. faced the White Walkers with six comrades and no plan, but it would be nice.)

2. Daenerys and Jon Snow are related, but through a labyrinth of deceit and good intentions, Jon's true parentage is unknown to them and most everyone else. They also obviously are attracted to each other, so the idea of Dany and Jon hooking up comes with a little bit of ewww. …

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