Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Plenty to Discuss after Long Summer

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Plenty to Discuss after Long Summer

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Editorial Exchange: Plenty to discuss after long summer


An editorial from the Winnipeg Free Press, published Sept. 6:

It creates a lot of mixed emotions, this back-to-school moment.

For parents, there's an inevitable feeling of relief as student-aged offspring pack up and head to class; in some cases, that's accompanied by a spasm of separation anxiety if the youngsters in question are starting school for the first time. In other households, parental relief might be tempered by wistful notions of how summer was or wasn't everything that was hoped.

For students, the post-Labour-Day return to school is likely to be greeted with a mixture of sadness, dread, excitement and anticipation, as the mourning of freedom's loss is layered over thoughts of the new school year's possibilities.

Educators, of course, already have been in back-to-school mode for weeks, preparing classrooms and lesson plans for the mass influx of students that formally sets the academic calendar in motion. And this year might prove to be a bit more challenging than most, because in addition to the courses aimed at advancing skills in prescribed subject areas, teachers also face the unenviable task of giving context to what's been going on around the globe during the last two not-so-carefree months.

Let's put it this way: if the world were given the welcome-back assignment that awaits many students -- the inevitable "What I did on my summer vacation" essay -- the summary line would necessarily state "a whole bunch of scary, disturbing, nasty, inexplicably self-destructive stuff."

From the wildfires of Western Canada to the hurricane-induced devastation of the U.S. Gulf Coast to the monsoon-flood carnage in South Asia, and from the racist ugliness of Charlottesville to the "Proud Boys" disruption of Canada Day activities in Halifax to the quickly escalating nuclear tensions between the U. …

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