Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Prairie Update-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Prairie Update-

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A Manitoba woman is appealing her conviction for hiding the remains of six babies she conceived over many years in a rented storage locker.

Forty-three-year-old Andrea Giesbrecht was sentenced in July to 8 1/2 years for concealing the dead body of a child.

Her trial was told she put the remains in plastic bags and containers inside a U-haul storage locker.

They were discovered by workers who opened the locker in October 2014 after Giesbrecht fell behind on her payments. (The Canadian Press)



A new report says the broken rail line that is the only land access to Churchill, Manitoba, could be in service again by November for 43 million dollars or less if somebody steps forward soon to pay for it.

The report by engineering firm AECOM (Aye-com) was commissioned by the rail line's owners, Denver-based Omnitrax, which has said it cannot afford to fix the line on its own.

The report says the 250-kilometre section of track leading to Churchill has been washed out or otherwise damaged in 130 locations, including bridges and culverts.

Omnitrax had previously estimated repair costs at up to 60 million dollars. The company has been in talks with a First Nations consortium to sell the line but there is no sign of a deal. (The Canadian Press)



A Saskatchewan woman says Air Canada sent her 14-year-old daughter to a hotel with strangers after the girl's flight home from Hungary was cancelled.

Csilla (SHEE-lah) Vajda (VYE-dah) says the girl had spent the summer with her grandparents in neighbouring Romania and was booked on the flight from Budapest to Saskatoon on August 20th.

After a six hour delay, the flight was cancelled and passengers were put up at a hotel that didn't have enough rooms for everyone.

Vajda says a nice couple volunteered to share a room with her daughter and refused to allow staff to add a fourth person so the girl could have a bed to herself.

The airline says it's investigating what happened but that Vajda did not enrol the girl as an unaccompanied minor, a paid service that provides supervision. (The Canadian Press, CJWW)



Sandy Bay residents forced from their homes because of wildfires in northern Saskatchewan have been given the option of returning home. …

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