Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

33 Things You Won't Miss during Retirement

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

33 Things You Won't Miss during Retirement

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FERRYING the kids around, having a boss who breathes down your neck and the daily stress of running a family home, have emerged among a list of things the older generation do not miss about being younger, according to a new study.

Worrying about your weight, being woken up by the sound of an alarm clock, and the constant juggle of work and childcare also emerged as aspects of life the nation's retirees are more than happy to have left behind.

Researchers polled adults aged 60 and over and asked them to list the life activities they do not hanker after, including sitting exams, worrying about what people think of you, cooking meals for the family every night - and waiting for pay day. GOLDEN YEARS Ironing school uniforms on a Sunday night and hosting the family Christmas were also things we are glad to see the back of in our golden years.

Of those polled, 87 per cent said, although they enjoyed their youth and miss certain aspects of it they are just as happy now as they ever were, with nearly two thirds saying they are happier now than they have ever been.

More than half said their relationship with their spouse was at its best now, with half saying it was due to not having the stress of work and running a family home.

Nearly three quarters of those polled said they were happy with what they had achieved in life with marriage, children, owning a home and travelling the world among the biggest accomplishments.

A spokesman for retirement housebuilder, McCarthy and Stone who commissioned the survey of 1,500 over 60s, said: "Many of the things the older generation don't miss involve work and that comes as no surprise. We are all looking forward to the day we don't have to endure the commute to the office and deal with the stresses that our jobs place on us.

"But it is interesting to see the stress of running a family home and the struggle to get on the property ladder also both made the list of things older people don't miss about being young. For many, getting older means downsizing and that's a welcome move."

MAKING LIFE EASIER Of those polled, 28 per cent have already downsized with nearly nine in ten retirees claiming it has made life much easier. …

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