Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Curious Incident of Restaurant Review and a Megaphone!

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Curious Incident of Restaurant Review and a Megaphone!

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THIS is a story about a French restaurant, a waitress with a loud hailer and a one-star Tripadvisor review.

It all began when a scathing review was posted about the popular Chorlton restaurant Man Bites Frog on the travel site.

And it ends with a unique reply by the restaurant's owner - which is both unrepentant and yet somehow conciliatory.

? Here is the review written by customer known only as Mark J on Sunday: "I have just returned from here after bobbing in about 7.15pm and buying a bottle of wine to share with two friends. The atmosphere was a bit weird from the beginning as the music was so stupidly loud - it just seemed out of place.

There were only two other tables occupied but these left a few minutes after we arrived so it was just us three and about six members of staff, including the owner. After about 15 minutes we asked the waitress if the music could be turned down a bit and she walked off and ignored our (polite) request.

I need to add that I am partially deaf on one side and very loud background noise makes it very hard for me to hear as my hearing aid stops helping me.

After a few minutes all the staff piled back in from the outdoor area and turned the music up even more, turned the lights down and began setting a single dining table which I assume was for themselves - realising we clearly were not wanted we got up to leave at which point the waitress who we had previously asked to turn the music down produced a megaphone (I kid you not) and started using it to shout at us to get out and decided to also mock one of us for being bald.

The owner and the other members of staff all laughed as this happened.

I know this sounds bizarre but it really did happen.

Note to owner: If you didn't want us there and were having a private party, that's fine - just tell us and we would happily have left and returned to support your business in the future.

I added your restaurant to TripAdvisor because I thought it was really good and have visited regularly - I will tell everyone I know not to come here because of our treatment by you.

Do you know why one of our party is bald? Really think about that because for all you know he may be very ill, could be cancer or alopecia for instance, or he may just be bald and be absolutely fine, but you don't know which."

? David Cleall-Hill, owner of the French restaurant - which has a 4.5 star rating from 32 reviews on Trip Advisor - posted this response: "Hi Mark. This is an unfortunate review. It was actually a little leaving do for one of our chefs last night. He's been with us for over a year and we regret that due to everyone's busy lives (kids, being single parents etc) we were unable to have the do at any other time.

It was a rainy night in Georgia and pretty quiet so I hope that we can be forgiven for there being a few more members of staff there, to celebrate the achievements of a key member of our team.

We are very sad to lose him but we are intensely proud of the work we have all done together, so I will make no apology for the unusually raucous vibe among the staff. …

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