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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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(Trudeau-Indigenous) (Audio: P05)

The prime minister devoted his United Nations speech Thursday to Canada's shame over Indigenous Peoples.

Justin Trudeau told the U-N General Assembly that Canada is determined to rebuild the relationship.

Trudeau outlined the troubled history of Canada's dealings with Indigenous Peoples touching on the residential school system, chronic problems with safe water, crime, suicide and education.

He says these problems are the legacy of colonialism and of a paternalistic Indian Act.

Trudeau says there is now an opportunity to deliver true, meaningful and lasting reconciliation between Canada and First Nations, the Metis Nation and Inuit peoples. (19)



His lawyer says the man who fled with his six-year-old boy and is charged in the murder of the child's mother is close to being released from hospital.

Pierre Gauthier says his 41-year-old client called him from the Ottawa hospital where he's being treated after an alleged suicide attempt.

He is charged with second-degree murder after the boy's mother was found dead.

He will be questioned about the death of a 71-year-old man whose body was found Wednesday about 100-kilometres northwest of Montreal.

Yvon Lacasse went missing Thursday after his car was stolen. (19)


(Mexico-Earthquake) (Audio: 118)

Painstaking attempts continue to reach survivors in quake-ravaged buildings across Mexico City.

Desperation is mounting among loved ones who earlier had high hopes for quick rescues.

What many had clung to as the unlikely triumph of life over death was revealed to be a case of some very high-profile misinformation.

The navy says there were no missing children at a collapsed school where the purported plight of a girl trapped alive in the rubble had captivated people across the nation and abroad.

The death toll from Tuesday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake has risen to 273. (19)


(Hurricane-Maria) (Audio: 116)

The prime minister of Dominica says more than 15 people have been killed in hurricane Maria's direct hit on the Caribbean island. …

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