Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Storing Up Trouble?

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Storing Up Trouble?

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Keeping all that 'stuff' you just can't bear to part with - be it clothes, old furniture, books or electronics - could cause more problems than you might realise IN ASSOCIATION WITH

elf-storage units used to be practically unknown. Now they are everywhere.

SIndustry body the Self Storage Association, counted over 1,430 sites last year - totalling 42 million square feet.

Last year, we spent around £550m on keeping stuff in self storage.

Customers were mainly those moving home or going abroad for a time, but a large number are those with too many things to fit into their homes - be it clothes they've bought and never worn, but can't bear to give away or that megacollection of irreplaceable vinyl which can't be played.

But storage bills mount up, so those 42 million sq ft are dwarfed by what we keep at home - in cupboards, under the stairs, in garden sheds and in those garages where cars rarely live.

It can be recycle But keeping all that stuff in or around your home can cause problems with rust, decay, pests and insurance policies.

It's easy to store badly - you waste space and end up with items only fit for trash.

Many homes have a dozen or more part-used paint containers, kept because they will be useful for touching up scuffs and scrapes.

All too often, the paint deteriorates. To maximise life, ensure lids seal properly, turn the can upside down and never keep water based paints in either high or very low temperatures.

Avoid storing metal containers on concrete floors - they'll rust.

Recycling unwanted liquid paint can be difficult. Never empty it down a drain or throw it in the bin. Leave the top off so it hardens before binning or take it to your local recycling centre.

Leaving indoor furniture in a shed or garage is an invitation to ruin. If the weather doesn't cause cracks and rot, then pests ranging from woodworm to rats will see your old stuff as a new home. …

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