Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourteenth NewsWatch-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Fourteenth NewsWatch-

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(Trudeau-Trump) (Audio: P08)

U-S President Donald Trump is suggesting Washington could strike a separate free trade deal with Canada if the NAFTA talks fail.

Round four of the renegotiations got underway in Washington today.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at his side in the Oval Office, Trump commented that it's possible the talks won't succeed, but bilateral agreements with Canada and Mexico might follow.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper is also in Washington to discuss the fate of the ongoing trade talks.

He believes Trump isn't bluffing about pulling the plug on NAFTA and is advising companies to start planning for the possibility of a world without NAFTA. (14)



Delta Air Lines says its deliveries of Bombardier C-Series jets may be delayed next year, but that ultimately it won't be forced to pay the nearly 300 per-cent in preliminary duties recently announced by the U-S government.

C-E-O Ed Bastian says the government's decision is disappointing and doesn't make a lot of sense, but that it's still early in the process.

The duties were imposed after American aerospace giant Boeing accused the Montreal-based company of dumping its jets on the U-S market.

But Bastian says Boeing will have a hard time arguing it has been harmed by Bombardier since it doesn't even build a 100-seat plane to compete with the C-Series. (14)



A lawyer representing a group of Ecuadorian villagers has told Ontario's top court that forcing them to pay before they can pursue their claim against oil giant Chevron would deprive them of access to justice.

The judge wants the villagers to pay 943-thousand dollars as a security deposit to cover Chevron's legal costs in case they lose their case.

The Ecuadorians are asking the Canadian courts to make Chevron Canada pay a hard-fought 9. …

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