Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Screaming to Sky about Trump? Nice Try

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Screaming to Sky about Trump? Nice Try

Article excerpt

Certain right-wing readers in a state of gloating agitation - their normal demeanor - alerted me early on that liberals are planning to scream helplessly at the sky today to protest the election one year ago of President Donald Trump.

How thoughtful of these readers to raise the alarm. Otherwise, this event would not have come to my attention, being as it is totally meaningless and inconsequential. Of course, my informants saw it differently. They saw it as absolutely typical of everybody who doesn't think the president is a swell guy.

To their mind, three people and a dog could assemble to scream at the sky and this would prove definitively that all liberals are idiots, snowflakes, crybabies and poor losers, every single one, even if millions of us wouldn't think to emit a peep at an event so silly.

Instead of making far-fetched political points, I think right-wingers with time on their hands would be better off worrying about the dog.

But making mountains out of molehills is the time-honored way of the talk radio mindset: find something stupid -easy in a country of more than 325 million people -and then make it emblematic of everybody you disagree with.

In fact, it has become a maxim of political life in these disunited states of America that the more political cranks get obsessed about something, the more unimportant is the issue troubling them.

All emotion and no reason is the standard recipe for much ado about nothing. This is how the fretting about transgender people going to the bathroom led to absurd legislation in some states proposing solutions to no known problem. If only we could direct the same energy to real problems.

How about rising inequality and the gap between the rich and poor? If anybody really cared about elites, Trumpsters would not be supporting the elimination of the death tax - as now proposed - the surest way of perpetuating elites generation unto generation. The Trump plan in general is bound to increase federal deficits hugely. But why worry about that when some NFL players are still kneeling for the national anthem?

It is enough to make any sane person scream, not that I am suggesting that. …

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