Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

A Taste of Things to Come

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

A Taste of Things to Come

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s with the fashion industry, the various strands of the gardening business present their new lines to buyers more than three months in advance of them arriving in store.

AI took myself off to Aalsmeer in Holland this month to take a look at the trends for indoor gardening which we could all be enjoying next year. Aalsmeer is the largest trading centre for plants and flowers in the world and it's where the famous flower auctions are held daily.

While fashionistas flock to the catwalks of Milan and Paris, trend-seeking gardeners head to Holland, the horticultural epicentre of Europe. So here's my guide to what's hot for 2018...

CARNIVOROUS PLANTS FOR KIDS With many kids hooked on scary stories such as Stranger Things, what better way to feed fertile imaginations than with one of the various carnivorous plants.

Many are sold in child-friendly form - easy-tocare-for packs often in the form of small enclosed plastic greenhouses. Most like a moist environment with their bases cuddled by a little bit of moss. The Venus flytrap can be tricked into shutting its jaw-like leaves by tickling its innards with a cocktail stick.

TO CACTI Cacti and succulents must be the easiest of all plants to look after, which may explain their massive popularity today. Their natural environment is tough - they bake in sunshine during the day but often endure plummeting temperatures at night and go for long periods of drought, so are fairly indestructible.

They're great for getting children interested in gardening. The collections I liked most were small ones in cute pots. On-trend plants include Haworthia, Echeveria, Crassula, Euphorbia, Pincushion cacti (Mammillaria) and Aloe.

Low maintenance: Cacti are very easy to look after GLAZE IS THE CRAZE The rustic look is in. I spied some nice crackled glazes for big earthy-looking heavy clay pots, perfect for one giant specimen or a collection of smaller beauties.

OK TO ORCHIDS Orchids were everywhere - from the smaller varieties to multi-stemmed beauties, either in rich pinks or the purest of whites. If you're planning on buying one indoor plant this year, make it an orchid.

QUIRKY VASES can be had with quirky plant receptacles. …

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