Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded talks with the Chinese premier in Beijing today but they weren't able to announce the start of formal free trade talks.

Premier Li Keqiang lauded the "golden age" of relations with Canada and said China was amenable to continuing exploratory trade talks.

The two countries have spent months in exploratory talks that have taxed China's patience with Canada seeking to add provisions regarding the environment, human rights, labour and gender issues.

Trudeau said they had frank and direct conversations and that he looked forward to deepening economic relations with China. (3)



Canada's top soldier says he's is no rush to send Canadian peacekeepers to some international hotspot.

Canada has told the United Nations it's ready to provide helicopters, aircraft, troops and trainers to the agency when needed.

But Defence-staff chief General Jonathan Vance tells The Canadian Press he won't deploy our soldiers unless it helps resolve a problem.

So far, Canada has only indicated it will send a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to Uganda to ferry troops and gear to seven different U-N missions in Africa. (3)



The Canadian Press has learned the Trudeau government might be willing to give the provinces and territories a larger share of the revenue it will collect from a federal tax on recreational pot when it's legalized next summer.

Ottawa initially proposed giving the 13 other governments half of the estimated annual one-billion-dollar take.

But sources say Finance Minister Bill Morneau has been talking to his provincial counterparts, and signalled a willingness to increase that share.

The premiers argue their governments should get most of the tax revenue since they'll be shouldering most of the cost of legalization -- including public education, policing and road safety. …

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