Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Second NewsWatch-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--Second NewsWatch-

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has delivered another speech warning against protectionism and inequality, in addressing an elite business crowd at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou (GWONG'-zho), China.

Trudeau said today the world is at a "pivot point" and will fail unless countries embrace free trade and elevate their citizens who have been left behind by globalization.

He said dangers accompany protectionism in that it allows anxiety to spread, adding -- quote -- "people start to turn inwards'' and become fearful, and if that continues, ``we will all lose.''(2)



Some Canadian athletes admit they are shocked with news the International Olympic Committee has decided to ban Russia from the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The punishment stems from widespread evidence of Russia's state-sponsored doping at the 2014 Olympics it hosted in Sochi.

Russian athletes who prove they're clean can participate as ``neutrals'' without the Russian flag and anthem.

Canadian cross-country skier Devon Kershaw was floored by the decision, saying he'd pretty much "lost all faith in the I-O-C.''

He and Alex Harvey were fourth in the team sprint at the 2010 Vancouver Games where a Russian duo won gold.

Kershaw notes you don't get back "moments that were robbed.'' (2)



The trial for a Nova Scotia man accused of killing an off-duty police officer has been told Catherine Campbell's blood was found inside the Halifax apartment where she was allegedly murdered.

R-C-M-P forensic specialist Dr. Gregory Litzenberger told jurors at Christopher Garnier's second-degree murder trial that he tested various swabs of blood found during a search of Garnier's Halifax apartment and that blood found in several areas matched Campbell's genetic profile.

The Crown alleges Garnier punched and strangled Campbell in the apartment and dumped her body near a bridge on September 11th, 2015. …

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