Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Tories Put on a Brexit Punch and Judy Show

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Tories Put on a Brexit Punch and Judy Show

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AS reported in the M.E.N., 'Britain must make its own rules' - (Viewpoints, May 20), Theresa May told her cabinet to 'Strike ambitious deals with countries around the world while having the best possible access to the EU markets.' Mrs May knows that we have the best possible deal with Europe now, because we are full members/ partners, and sit at the 'top table.' .' She also knows that we trade with the rest of the world. All you need to do is look at the labels on your clothing, food, drink, etc, and then question the source of everything that you/we buy as a country.

The real 'Jewel in the Crown' however is the financial services, and as there will be no Single Trade Agreement to ensure their continuation with Europe, Europe will, and is absorbing them. Why would anybody think Britain would be a good investment? With the loss of these services will go the prosperity of Britain? Frightening.

This Punch and Judy show is down to the Tories's futile efforts to rid itself of extreme right wing puppeteers in its membership. But, since the referendum, they are the ones shouting the odds. They are not interested in democracy, or Britain's hard working people. The clock is ticking.

Bren Urmston Council tax ploy is a trap THERESA May has just set a cynical trap for the Labour Party. If you've not heard I'm sorry to have to tell you that the government will allow councils to increase council tax by up to six per cent next year.

Living in Manchester you just know this arrogant council are going to take every single percentage point. Anybody foolish enough to save for a pension or pay a mortgage is seen as fair game to them.

They will fuel up the gravy train. In the country at large there will be an outcry against councils that act in this way, which will enable the Tories to talk about over spending bloated Labour councils.

In the case of Manchester they probably have a point. However, it's a nasty political ploy with the losers being us the tax payers . John Hough, Manchester Thanks to Salford pupils UNFORTUNATELY there hasn't been any article or mention of Buille Hill Visual Arts College, Salford, in your paper. …

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