Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Passport Will Be a Symbol of Identity

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Passport Will Be a Symbol of Identity

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NEWS that British passports will return to having blue covers after Brexit is music to my ears.

I will be delighted to get rid of the burgundy passport we have been lumbered with since 1988 as members of the European Union.

As well as the new one being more secure, which is obviously important, it will be a distinct and visual sign to show that we have regained our independence and can proudly hold our heads up as UK citizens.

While the Brexit talks are taking longer than we had hoped for and there is much still to be ironed out, we are, nevertheless, heading towards the exit and the passport news is another step on that overdue journey.

I hope that in the New Year we continue to make good progress in negotiations and boldly go on our way to a successful and prosperous future.

Paul Nuttall, MEP North West UK Independence Party ONE of our 'notable' daily newspapers gave itself a front-page headline pat on the back for relentlessly campaigning for the re-introduction of the 'iconic' blue passport.

The last time that I used my blue passport to enter another country was in the 1970s. That country was the USA. Before we even got to immigration control, a very rude announcement, intended to ridicule us all, came over the public announcement system: 'The Limeys have landed.' .

If I have to surrender my current passport, in order to purchase an expensive 'the Brits are here 'iconic' substitute', I will certainly be feeling blue.

Bren, Urmston Time for a new EU vote RECENT correspondents point out, quite reasonably, when the possibility of a new EU referendum is suggested, that the decision of the 2016 vote was 'the will of the people.' .

This is perfectly correct but on what information was this decision made? The government which had initiated the referendum thinking that a remain vote would take the day had provided a modest explanation of the whys and wherefores whereas the Leavers produced a technicolour version of their argument using exaggeration and misinformation to put over their case.

Now, those who voted to leave say that the vote was democratic and so should stand. Well, we are a democratic nation and we are accustomed to general elections every few years during which the political parties put forward their manifestos and we vote according to these proposals and/or our own existing loyalties.

If the politicians who win the election fail to live up to their promises then we have the option to boot them out at the next election and give the other side a chance to prove their worth, the old 'checks and balances' syndrome.

Eighteen months have passed since the referendum: the government is attempting to broker a deal with the EU and we now know considerably more than we did in June 2016. …

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