Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 2

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 2

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Missouri GOP's plan to deny welfare is working

Regarding "State report on welfare cuts still awaited" (Dec. 28):

Perhaps the state has not reported on the impact of stricter work requirements for welfare recipients because the Republican majority's plan is working perfectly: Kids are being denied help and parents are forced into low-paying dead-end jobs.

This October, just 27,932 Missouri citizens received temporary assistance. In October 2014, before the new law, 76,407 of our neighbors received help.

Alas, that nearly two-thirds reduction in the caseload doesn't mean the promised aid to parents seeking work amounts to anything real. This October, in the entire state, just one welfare parent was in state-assisted on-the-job training. Statewide, less than 50 parents were getting education related to employment. Most parents just get job-searching tips.

Remember, the GOP bill requires a parent to work 30 hours every week or face sanctions. Finding employers with full-time openings that mesh with the limited available state child care support is akin to finding half a needle in a field of haystacks.

Most families with kids who qualify for the state's generosity $7.22 per day, on average no longer bother to apply. That was the real goal of the Republican bill, wasn't it?

Glenn Koenen * Oakville

Lawful execution of a criminal is not murder

The letter "Story about execution drug leads to a few questions" (Dec. 22) by Thomas Ryan included the question, "Why does society demonstrate its vigorous opposition to murder by murdering people?"

My dictionary defines murder as "the unlawful killing of one human being by another." The lawful execution of a convicted criminal in the U.S. is not murder. Either the letter writer is unaware of this or he is deliberately trying to mislead people.

Ryan may oppose capital punishment, but that doesn't make it murder. …

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