Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Video Post of Altercation in Uptown Pizza Shop Spurs Protest

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Video Post of Altercation in Uptown Pizza Shop Spurs Protest

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Below-freezing temperatures didn't cool the anger expressed by scores of protesters in front of Uptown's Pizza Milano Saturday afternoon who were there in response to a video depicting an employee in a physical confrontation with a customer.

They turned out following the posting of the video to Facebook on Friday night - and since viewed more than 300,000 times - that shows a Pizza Milano employee in a struggle with a customer, Pittsburgh resident Jade Martin.

The employee, Mahmut Yimaz, 41, turned himself in to police Saturday night. Police said they charged him with one count of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault.

In the video, Mr. Yimaz confronts the woman. "Listen, you gotta go," Mr. Yimaz says, for reasons that are not clear in the video.

As he tells her to leave, he pushes her. She says repeatedly, "Push me again," and drops something, then bends over to pick it up. She straightens up and attempts to walk by Mr. Yimaz, who grabs her arm and pulls her back toward the door, shouting, "I said please!" Then he pushes her to the ground and slams her head against the floor repeatedly as he continues to shout, "I said please!" The woman is silent during the incident.

The video also captures customers' protests, with kitchen staff running into the dining room, while the employee then shouts, "Why you not gonna listen to me?"

Some protesters were outraged over the belief that Ms. Martin was escorted from the pizzeria to the hospital in handcuffs. Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Alicia George pointed to "misinformation" on social media and stated that the police were not called to the restaurant.

"We were called to the hospital to take the report," she said. She could not identify which hospital. Zone 2 police detectives are investigating the incident.

About half a dozen police officers were stationed in their cruisers or stood outside Pizza Milano on Saturday at 2 p. …

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