Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

I'm Voting for a Return to Normalcy in Washington

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

I'm Voting for a Return to Normalcy in Washington

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On March 13, a special election is being held in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Tim Murphy. As an independent voter, I supported Mr. Murphy's election each time, along with every Republican presidential nominee since 1976 ... until the 2016 election.

I dislike Donald Trump, but what I dislike even more are the Republican members of Congress voting in lockstep on the president's agenda. This mentality got us a tax bill that benefits the wealthy, and they nearly dismantled the Affordable Care Act, a move that would have increased the uninsured rolls by 24 million by 2026.

Rather than feel helpless with the situation, I intend to vote for the Democratic nominee, Conor Lamb, particularly since his opponent describes himself as "Trump before Trump was Trump." The anti-Trump vote has led to some surprising Democratic wins thus far, and I sense a groundswell that will bring normalcy back to Washington soon.



Clean water at risk

Paying a $1.7 million fine for polluting water is just part of the cost of doing business for the fracking companies that are extracting profits and inflicting misery on the families living on the frontlines across our state (Jan. 17, "Shale Gas Driller Penalized").

Industry lobbyists and their political allies will continue to mislead the public by denying the clear risks that fracking poses to our drinking water, but there is abundant evidence that this dirty drilling poses serious health risks. What we need now are political leaders brave enough to stand up and speak the truth to the fracking companies and stop them before they do any more damage.


Western Pa. Outreach Liaison

Food & Water Watch

Squirrel Hill

The writer is a former president of Pittsburgh City Council.

Environmental care

Protecting and improving our environment and public health is a top priority for the natural gas industry, which has a long and clear record of working collaboratively to advance these shared and important goals. We're also deeply committed to fostering and supporting sound research. …

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