Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Jerusalem as Israel's Capital a Step toward Peace

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Jerusalem as Israel's Capital a Step toward Peace

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Last month, when President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, he made it crystal clear why: "This is nothing more, or less, than a recognition of reality. It is also the right thing to do. It's something that has to be done."

Trump was right. He was finally doing what Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama had promised to do. And he was finally carrying out the will of the American people.

Twenty-two years ago, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, with virtually unanimous bipartisan support. The law sets forth U.S. policy that Jerusalem should be recognized as Israel's capital, and that the U.S. embassy should be established there. A unanimous Senate affirmed the policy last June.

Of course, Jerusalem is Israel's capital. It's where the Knesset – Israel's Parliament – is located, as is its Supreme Court and many government ministries. When our government leaders meet with their Israeli counterparts, they meet in Jerusalem.

The notion that Trump's decision impedes the peace process – to the extent one exists – is baseless. For over 20 years, the Palestinian Arabs have not fulfilled their obligations under existing peace agreements, failing to fight and stop inciting terrorism, collect illegal weapons, and outlaw terrorist groups. Instead, the Palestinian Authority (PA) glorifies and incentivizes terrorism, naming schools, streets and sports teams after Jew-killing terrorists, and paying pensions to terrorists and their families. The greater the atrocity, the larger the pension. In 2017 alone, the PA paid terrorists and their families over 347 million dollars.

Contrast those actions with Israel's concessions for peace. In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, displacing approximately 9,000 Israelis from their homes and communities. The decision was costly: Rather than the hoped-for peace, Israel got terrorism instead. Hamas, the U.S.-designated terrorist group which assumed control in Gaza, shot thousands of deadly rockets into Israeli communities, and built underground tunnels from Gaza into Israel so that terrorists could infiltrate and murder Israeli Jews. …

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