Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Caroline Mulroney says she entered the race to lead the Ontario P-Cs because she's displeased with how the Liberals are running the province.

Mulroney -- speaking at her first official campaign event in Toronto Monday night -- says Kathleen Wynne's government is making decisions that benefit the Liberals in the short term, not decisions that benefit Ontarians in the long term.

She cites the decision to raise the minimum wage ahead of an election.

The Ontario Conservatives were forced into a rushed leadership campaign after Patrick Brown's abrupt departure due to sexual misconduct allegations.

Mulroney says, while it's not the ideal situation, it does present an opportunity for the Tories to make some changes. (20)



The new gender-neutral lyrics to ''O Canada'' will be sung at the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The Canadian Olympic Committee has asked athletes competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, to sing the new words to the national anthem.

The Senate passed Bill C-210 -- changing the official lyrics of from ''in all thy sons command'' to the gender neutral ''in all of us command'' -- late last month.

The C-O-C told The Canadian Press Monday night about the organization's request to athletes.

Competition begins at the Winter Olympics on Wednesday, with the opening ceremonies held on Friday (20)



Michelle Obama spoke about education and gender equality in an hour-long question-and-answer session with a sold-out crowd of more than ten-thousand at the Montreal convention centre.

The former first lady highlighted the importance of education for young people to reach their full potential, regardless of the colour of their skin.

She also said adults have a role to play by setting examples and providing confidence, in particular for little girls who see few women in positions of power. …

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