Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Why Won't the Police Answer Our Calls?

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Why Won't the Police Answer Our Calls?

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RECENTLY I contacted Greater Manchester Police to report a minor road traffic infringement.

It was shortly before 7pm and the call was answered but then directed to the control room (area operations room). I was left holding on for 27 minutes. In the end I terminated the call.

It is no wonder that calls are abandoned or people abuse the 999 system.

Eventually I decided to try the 'live chat' option. That was also tedious, even though I provided the vehicle details and the offence as stated in the highway code.

However, I accept that not everyone has access to a computer.

There needs to be some serious action taken via the chief constable and the deputy mayor to address this. Stephen Holt, north Manchester More tax on rich OAPs IT is wonderful news that one in six of us in our country will now live to be 100 years of age.

However, it is a stark warning to both Labour and the Tories about the financial implications of this to our country. In particular the NHS crisis will inevitably become intolerable and also the state pension will come under massive scrutiny.

It is very easy for we older generations to say that we have paid our dues in respect of our work taxation. However, the truth is the vast majority of us will get much more from the NHS and the state pensions than we have ever put into it. That is an undeniable fact.

It was not long ago that people tended to live only a few years after retirement. Now it is much more common for people to live 20 or 30 years after retirement.

I feel certain that our politicians all believe that the better off pensioners amongst us should be prepared to pay a special tax to offset the enormous cost of longevity.

The problem will not go away of its own volition will it? However, the politicians know this would be unpopular with the 'Grey Brigade' and may even cause them to lose a General Election.

If the better off amongst us truly believe that we should not pay more tax to offset the downside of having a longer life then the burden of tax responsibility will fall on our younger people. …

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