Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Halifax Mall Plotter Penned Suicide Note to Be Published after Mass Shooting

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Halifax Mall Plotter Penned Suicide Note to Be Published after Mass Shooting

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Halifax mall plotter penned suicide note


HALIFAX - It's a modern-day suicide note: Four paragraphs to be posthumously published online the day after a planned Valentine's Day massacre at one of Atlantic Canada's busiest shopping malls.

"Perhaps you have already heard the news of a mass shooting in Halifax," Lindsay Souvannarath says in a queued blog post entitled "Der Untergang" -- The Downfall.

"This is where you'd expect me to post my reaction to it, but unfortunately I have no reaction, for I am now dead," she says. "My head has been broken apart with a single shotgun shell."

The scheduled Tumblr post came to light this week as an exhibit in Souvannarath's sentencing hearing for conspiracy to commit murder, a year after she pleaded guilty to the crime.

As the public awaits a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge's decision, expected Friday, The Canadian Press further studied the courthouse exhibits to better understand the shocking case.

The suicide note is among reams of evidence that illuminate the potential motivations of the young college-educated woman from a leafy suburb of the U.S. Midwest.

The suicide letter exposes the disturbing mind set of a would-be killer, the final act in a horrific plan set for Feb. 14, 2015, in the food court of the Halifax Shopping Centre.

Co-conspirators Souvannarath and James Gamble planned to throw Molotov cocktails into the crowd and then open fire, killing as many people as possible before turning the guns on each other.

The planned attack was thwarted by police after an anonymous tip was received by Crime Stoppers, but not before Souvannarath boarded a plane in Chicago, Ill., for Nova Scotia.

Gamble killed himself as police surrounded his Halifax-area home while Souvannarath was arrested at the airport. A third accomplice -- a local man described in court as the "cheerleader" of the murderous plot -- was sentenced to a decade in jail. …

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