Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Trump Has Stumbled His Way into Any N. Korea Success

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Trump Has Stumbled His Way into Any N. Korea Success

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David Brooks' column "Trump's Wisdom About Thugs" (May 14) posits that Donald Trump's New York construction deals involving thugs and racketeers have translated into an effective means of handling brutal dictators like Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un. He suggests that Mr. Trump's bellicose attacks on both have paid dividends and are a result of shrewd calculation from his construction days. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Trump has a history of bullying and attacking others. It is his nature. John McCain, Gold Star parents, women and countless others have borne his scathing rants. Furthermore, his spontaneous "shoot from the hip" tweets and attacks show a lack of planning. To suggest that this is some grand strategy strains credulity.

Mr. Brooks, no fan of the president, confesses that Mr. Trump lacks awareness of the complexities of the world. Mr. Brooks also fails to include the biggest thug in the world, Vladimir Putin. Mr. Trump has heaped praise on this bully and treated him with kid gloves. This does not fit into Mr. Brooks' equation.

Mr. Kim's willingness to cooperate is heartening. It seems a bit far-fetched to think that Mr. Trump's threats suddenly brought him to his knees. But the president seems to have stumbled into success. Mr. Trump's reckless and threatening rhetoric coincides with positive outcomes, but it could well be disastrous in the future.



The many failures

In response to Gregory Saul's letter (May 15, "Trump Can Deal") regarding Dear Leader Trump's negotiating successes, is he including the six bankruptcies of Trump companies; the failure of Trump University and the $25 million settlement of fraud claims; and the failure of the Trump Shuttle airline, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, "Trump: The Game," Trump Steaks and too many more to mention?

Yes, Mr. Trump is the wunderkind of negotiating and deal-making, a master businessman without doubt. Carnegie, Rockefeller and Jobs would shudder in envy of his prowess. Thank God he is here to save America for the Russians and Chinese.



What is art?

In response to Diana Nelson Jones' column about the two marble eggs, art or not (May 14, "Two Marble Eggs and One Burning Question"):

Several years ago, my husband and I were sitting in a coffee shop somewhere in Virginia or North Carolina. …

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