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Newspaper article The Canadian Press


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A study published shows half of young smokers' tobacco smoke is from Hookahs.

Researchers surveyed more than three-thousand 3300 U-S adults, asking how frequently and how much waterpipe tobacco smoking and regular cigarette smoking they did in March and April 2013.

They used statistical analysis to estimate the proportion of toxicants originating from each, and found 55 per cent of smoke volume came from the water tobacco smoke.

The proportion of tar attributed to water tobacco smoke was 21 per cent, carbon monoxide 10 per cent and nicotine 2.4 per cent.

Public health and policy interventions to reduce harm from tobacco smoking in young U-S adults should explicitly address water tobacco smoke toxicant exposures.

The study appears in B-M-J. (ABC)



More and more trials continue to emerge showing the benefits of seafood omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease.

An American Hearth Association panel addresses this specific effect of fish consumption, fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

The review shows support for n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from seafood consumption -- that means eating fish, not taking supplements.

We know this has been linked to preventing bad heart rhythms, is anti-inflammatory and has good effects on blood vessels.

The take away from this study is that one-to-two seafood meals per week should be included in your diet to reduce the risk of cardiovascular related illnesses.

The study is published in the journal Circulation. (ABC)



Those over the age of 50 get to take the not so highly anticipated test to screen for colon cancer called a colonoscopy.

The upper endoscopy is a similar test -- and just as much fun -- and commonly used to identify esophageal or gastric cancer.

Many people with symptoms that look like gastric cancer -- like severe heartburn -- have an upper endoscopy that shows no cancer.

This had researchers in the U-K interested in a less expensive, more accurate test to screen for esophagogoastric cancer -- a breath test. …

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