Newspaper article The Canadian Press


Newspaper article The Canadian Press


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Farm groups are urging the Canadian and U-S governments to turn down the rhetoric and pay attention to how trade agreements have benefited both countries.

The U-S National Farmers Union and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture say officials should be working to preserve the longstanding trade relationship between the two countries.

They note that Canada and the U-S trade more than 40-billion dollars U-S in agricultural products each year.

And they warn that to disrupt this relationship would be detrimental for farmers on both sides of the border.

The groups don't say what sparked their joint statement, but it was issued following the recent G-7 meeting where President Donald Trump lashed out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (The Canadian Press)



An Ontario company has come up with an environmentally friendly replacement for the petroleum-based foams and gels used by firefighters to get flames under control.

Napanee-based FireRein has created a foam made entirely from edible products, including Ontario corn.

The company has signed a deal with a U-S-based technology holding company to develop applications for its trademarked "Eco-Gel" within the U-S military.

FireRein's president and C-E-O, Rui Resendes, says the product behaves as water when it's sprayed, but resembles a thick slime when it lands.

He says the material is derived from food, is safe enough to eat and draws on raw materials that are grown in farmers' fields across the country. (The Canadian Press)



As Canada prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, one country that already has is dealing with a major shortage of pot.

Uruguay legalized the drug in 2013, making it the first country to sanction a pot market covering the entire chain from plant to purchase.

But the country is still working out how to meet demand in its effort to undercut drug traffickers who control the black market. …

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