Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--B-C Update-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--B-C Update-

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A former attorney general of B-C says the sentences recently handed to convicted polygamists Winston Blackmore and James Oler send a strong message that multiple marriage will not be tolerated -- but a sociology professor strongly disagrees.

Stephen Kent at the University of Alberta says the six-month term of house arrest for Blackmore and three months for Oler won't deter anyone from polygamy.

But former attorney general Wally Oppal says the sentences make it clear that relying on the principle of freedom of religion does not provide immunity from prosecution.

The court battle over polygamy has dragged through the B-C courts for decades and cost millions of dollars after Blackmore and Oler were charged with having multiple wives, some of them as young as 15. (The Canadian Press)




Former premier Ujjal Dosanjh (OO'-jahl doh-SAHNJ') says proportional representation will usher in extremist parties like those in some European countries, and he's urging B-C residents to vote no in an upcoming referendum.

Dosanjh says Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary require very low percentages of people to vote in candidates, and that's allowed candidates with racist views to rise.

The former N-D-P premier says the party he once led is proposing a system that would allow five per cent of voters to elect extremists to the legislature.

B-C voters will be asked this fall if they want to switch to proportional representation and if they do, they will be required to rank three systems, two of which have never been tried. (The Canadian Press)




Transit police say two officers have been released from hospital after they were injured while arresting a man at a train station in Vancouver.

Police responded (to the Stadium SkyTrain station) Monday night after a man allegedly got into a fight and punched two bystanders in the face.

Transit police say there was a violent struggle when the officers tried to arrest the man, with one officer hitting her head and the other injuring his shoulder.

A 30-year-old Vancouver resident has been charged with obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest, and transit police are recommending further charges of assaulting a police officer and causing a disturbance. …

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