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Newspaper article The Canadian Press


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The president of Quebec's professional farmers' union says every area of the province is suffering from a lack of rainfall but the problem is particularly acute in the south and the Lanaudiere region north of Montreal.

Marcel Groleau says vegetables are most affected by a lack of water but the hay crop also appears to be suffering.

The head of the province's vegetable grower's association says it's possible the farmers will have to ask the provincial government for financing in order to cover their bills if there are losses.

Jean-Marie Rainville says that while some crops might be affected, others, such as squash, appear to be doing well so far. (The Canadian Press)



The Ontario Federation of Agriculture has come up with a list of what it calls priority recommendations for key cabinet ministers in Ontario's new P-C government.

The O-F-A is calling for a long-term investment strategy to support economic growth in the agriculture industry and rural communities.

It's also advocating for the distribution of infrastructure investments around the province to boost economic growth, create new jobs, build affordable housing, ensure food security and support environmental stewardship. (The Canadian Press)



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it will conduct inspections to gather more information about the shipment of pigs shown in a video posted online by an animal-rights group in Kamloops, B-C.

The video published by Kamloops Animal Rights Movement and Advocacy shows pigs piled on top of one another in a transport truck on what the group says was a "sweltering" hot day.

Kira Blaise shot the video and says the pigs didn't have enough room to stand or lie down comfortably, and were forced to push into and climb on top of one another.

She adds that one pig's face was being stepped on by another and it was breathing shallowly. …

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