Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--B-C Update-

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

--B-C Update-

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A sick orca that has sparked an international rescue effort could play a vital role in her species' recovery, if she survives.

Michael Milstein (mill-steen) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States says the four-year-old Southern resident killer whale known as J-50 looks emaciated, lethargic, and may have only days left to live.

As a young female, he says she's among the few with reproductive potential and both Canadian and American scientists are working to find ways to save her.

J-50 is one of only 75 Southern resident killer whales remaining and is part of the same pod as J-35, the orca that has been seen pushing the body of her newborn calf, which died July 24th, through the water as recently as Wednesday. (The Canadian Press)




Ongoing lightning is being blamed for sparking 75 new wildfires in the southeastern corner of the province in only 48 hours.

Among the new fires is a 10-square-kilometre fire at Sage Creek, which is six kilometres from the Alberta border and 65 kilometres southeast of Fernie -- although the cause of that fire is under investigation.

The B-C Wildfire Service says there are more than 100 fires burning in the area.

A total of 245 fires have scorched 30 square kilometres in the southeast since April 1st. (The Canadian Press)




A Nanaimo-based tech company says it has raised 6-point-2-million-dollars in a funding round, thanks to a huge investment from Microsoft.

Chris Davis, who is the founder and C-E-O of the company called Hyas, says he left his job to start the cybersecurity company in his basement five years ago.

The venture-backed startup specializes in what's known as attribution intelligence, which means helping other cybersecurity professionals identify and understand attacks on their networks. …

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