Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Aldi Booze Policy Does Not Make Any Sense

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Aldi Booze Policy Does Not Make Any Sense

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VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email:

I UNDERSTAND that there are today many new rules of society which the authorities claim have to be there for various reasons some of which come under the heading of health and safety measures.

However, I think that most people would be shocked by the full page article (M.E.N. October 24) whereby a man, Ken Deeks aged 66 was refused alcohol because his 26-year -old daughter could not prove her age.

Apart from the distress caused to Ken Deeks' daughter, this policy does not add up from a common sense viewpoint anyway. The supermarket involved, Aldi, is also putting unfair pressure on its own staff by asking them to enforce such a ridiculous policy.

Howard Gardner Sale Hospital and cafe perfect MY husband and I have been going to Salford Royal Hospital for quite a few appointments and I can't praise the staff enough.

Everyone from the consultants, nurses to reception staff were unbelievable, really friendly and polite. If I didn't know different I'd have thought we were private!

We had some toast in the WRVS that was done to perfection as well. We took home two slices of lemon meringue pie; it was to die for. Please support the WRVS then do a grand job and it's all voluntary.

So well done Salford Royal Hospital and all who work there. Sue Harrison Worsley EU wrangling is intentional EVERYONE is fed-up with drawn out wrangling over leaving the European Union, but this was the intention all along, to wear down public resolve and surrender to EU demands.

The argument that (We need a new EU ballot, Viewpoints, October 23) would simply drag the process out further, in the hope we will all change our minds to stay in; yet vote leave could be even stronger.

Reasons for leaving are still valid; partly economic, but mainly regaining sovereignty.

The EU is an undemocratic, unaccountable, protectionist construct, designed to eradicate national sovereignty and partly why people are rebelling across Europe. …

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