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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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(US-Election-2018) (Audio: 172)

U-S President Donald Trump was interrupted multiple times by protesters during his Indiana rally on his final midterm sprint.

On three occasions Monday, demonstrators began to chant against Trump, only to be drowned out by a crowd of Trump supporters in a downtown Fort Wayne coliseum.

The protesters were escorted out.

Trump suggested they were Democrats, telling one to -- his words here -- ''go home to mommy.''

Protesters were a common sight at Trump's 2016 campaign rallies, with the occasional brief bouts of violence between the demonstrators and Trump supporters.

They have become a far rarer sight since Trump took office, which the president noted Monday. (19)



N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh says the federal government should be spending the millions of unspent dollars earmarked to help veterans.

The New Democrats are using an opposition-day motion, when they get to push the business of the House of Commons, to call on the Liberals to spend 372-million dollars that's been promised for veterans -- but is just sitting there.

This comes the same day the federal government reveals it shortchanged hundreds of thousands of veterans and their survivors in a multi-million-dollar pension error.

Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O'Regan says repaying them will cost 165-million dollars. (19)



The prime minister is dodging question about the mysterious mission of Liberal M-P Nicola Di Iorio.

Di Iorio hasn't been seen in Ottawa since Parliament resumed sitting September 17th.

On Monday, Justin Trudeau avoided questions about his prolonged absence, twice telling reporters they should talk to Di Iorio about it.

Last week, Di Iorio posted a short message on Facebook saying Trudeau assigned him responsibilities that necessitate his absence from the House of Commons. …

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