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Newspaper article The Canadian Press

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says politicians need to learn how to enhance citizen engagement through the use of social media.

Speaking at a tech conference on his last day in Paris today, Trudeau suggested there are politicians who are using the technology to foster polarization in the electorate.

Trudeau didn't mention names -- but U-S President Donald Trump regularly uses Twitter to fire up his legions of followers and vent at his critics.

Trudeau himself has been a target of Trump's angry tweets.

When asked to comment on Trump's Twitter usage, Trudeau suggested Trump is just being Trump, adding that it's important people are authentic on Twitter -- and the American president is certainly that.(3)



While Prime Minister Trudeau is planning to leave Paris today for some trade-related summits in Asia, one of his cabinet ministers is in Africa with family planning top of mind.

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is in Rwanda for a four-day international conference on family planning.

Bibeau tells The Canadian Press that Canada will continue to speak frankly on the topic and encourage other countries to offer contraception and abortion education and services, because they're key to fighting poverty -- especially among women.(3)



A member of Alberta's United Conservative Party is offering an apology for a verbal misstep over the weekend.

John Carpay is apologizing for making what he says was an unintentional comparison between the rainbow L-G-B-T-Q pride flag and swastikas.

Carpay issued a statement last night, wishing to clarify the remarks he made in Saturday speech at a conference organized by the conservative news outlet Rebel Media in Calgary.

Carpay says he was discussing the nature of totalitarianism when he "referred in the same sentence'' to the rainbow flag and the flags bearing Nazi and communist symbol. …

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